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        ODM Service


        ODM Service:


        Established on 2008, King Star opto-electronic as its high quality products and excellent customized solutions got many good reputation from all over the world. Our ODM team devoted to fulfill the reasonable requirement from customers, not only lighting project design but also various lighting solutions, meanwhile we can provide technical support and cost control.

        Besides, we can provide you the perfect after-sales service as well, let you feel the 5 star expert always on your side.




        1. Professional R&D team, can provide you most customized products & solutions

        2. Our business covers LED sources package & hardware kits which can form relatively complete supply chain system.

        3. Excellent purchase team who have first-class bargaining and negotiation ability to control the cost.

        4. Experienced production line employees and QC team can keep the high-quality products

        5. The complete production equipment and testing instruments to provide clients with high quality products, high efficient service and controlled lead time.


        ODM product:


        LED indoor lighting: LED tube light, LED panel light, LED flexible strip light, LED rigid light bar, LED tri-proof light, LED linear light etc.

        LED outdoor lighting: LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED wall washer light, LED pixel light, LED high bay light, LED underground light.